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cl_fanfic's Journal

Code Lyoko Fanfiction Community
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This is a fanfiction community for the TV show, Code Lyoko.

The Rules:

[*] Be nice. There's a line between flaming and constructive criticism; I trust that you all know where that line is.

[*] Fanfiction must come with a rating and warning(s). (Ex.: Rated PG-13 for language and mild sexual themes.)

[*] ALL fanfiction MUST go behind the lj-cut. You may leave your title/summary/etc in the open, but the actual fic has to be cut, or your post will be deleted.

[*] This is for Code Lyoko fanfic only. No other fandoms.

Optional stuff:

When posting fic, you can use the following to describe the peice you are submitting. Using this format is nice because it presents the necessary information in a clean, organized manner:

Title: Self-explainatory
Author: This can be your real name, your username, or anything else you want to be called.
Rating: G, PG, PG-13, R, and NC-17 are acceptable. I trust you all know what these ratings mean.
Genre: Romance, Mystery, Humour, etc...
Warnings: Ex.: Sexual themes, language, etc.
Spoilers: If your fanfic gives away details that would ruin an existing episode of Code Lyoko, you need to warn them in advance. Ex.: if your fic takes place at the end of "The Key," you would name that episode in this feild.
Pairings: Ex.: U/Y (Ulrich/Yumi) J/A (Jeremie/Aelita)
Summary: Your fic's summary. Please keep these short and to the point.
Notes: Some authors like to add notes about their fics. These can be anything, but should be short (preferably the same size or shorter than your summary)

Here is a clean copy of the above form for you to copy & paste, if you would like. (Strongly recommended.)

~Cassie (_silver_shadow)